"Salaatan" a work by Marek Kotarba, ceramics and porcelain C76


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... Salaatan knew she was an optimist. You know, the kind of man for whom the world is always smiling, the glass is always full, or as they say. Even the dreams of Salataan, and there were many and always very colorful, looked as if it was inhabited by a flock of exotic birds every night. Optimism, hope and colorful dreams - that's the whole Salaatan. Only she can smile all day, always finds words of consolation for you. If you don't know how bad your day is - Salataan will help you. No wonder people cling to her. Everyone would like to be her friend, listen to her clear voice as she sings every evening a happy song whose words no one knows.
We consider Salataan our ray of sunshine, the dawn, and when she gave this gift to the blue-eyed girl, everyone reacted enthusiastically and wished they had gotten anything themselves, and some even that they could not give anything themselves. Thanks to Salaatan, we seem to be really happy and only the most pessimists see the bars ...

„Salaatan” is a unique, designer, one of a kind, individually made work by Artist Marek Kotarba. The work comes from the limited collection of the "HEAD OFFICE" project. It is made of the highest quality white porcelain.

Similar works were presented at exhibitions abroad and in Poland. They received very positive reviews. Sculptures, paintings, drapes, designs and other works of this artist are in museum collections in the country (eg the National Museum in Warsaw, Nieborów branch) and abroad (eg the International Museum of Ceramics in Faez) and in private collections all over the world.

The nobility of white porcelain, which is the highest form of ceramics, the difficulty in processing it, the craftsmanship and the author's talent make this project a work of art. A charming, sublime and at the same time decorative project worth recommending for home, but also perfect for a Christmas gift, celebration or other occasion. Each artist's product is signed with his personal signature and a certificate of authenticity.

“In contact with Marek Kotarba's works, emotions appear similar to those we feel when looking at" Reliefs "by Henryk Stażewski from the" white paintings "period. There is abstraction, here is realism, but in both cases the main player is light, each time creating a different value for the perception of impeccably white porcelain. It is a very valuable and demanding partner. It works perfectly in Marek's works " – Andrzej Pągowski, graphics artist

Beauty, delicacy and noble, tasteful simplicity characterize the works of this artist and now you can have one of them. This rarity of collector's art is within your reach.

More about the artist https://kotarbadesign.comhttps://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marek_Kotarba

Marek Kotarba - a ceramist, sculptor, painter, draftsman and graphic artist. He lives and works in Warsaw. Student of prof. Ludwika Nitschowa, Franciszek Starowieyski and Wiktor Zin, prof. Antoni Fałat and prof. Barbara Szubińska. A graduate of the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw. He creates in clay with chamotte, stoneware and more recently in porcelain, where he uses white and texture for monochrome representations. He also practices painting and graphics. Creator of the so-called hybrid art consisting in combining painting with a bas-relief, in his case artistic objects with the use of white porcelain - presented under the proprietary name "KOTARBAN".

Collection HEAD OFFICE
Type figurine
Material: porcelain
Author: Marek Kotarba – Kotarba Design
Technique of production: glazed ceramics
Condition: New
Weight (grams): 972
Dimensions (mm): 250 X 110 X 150
Colour: White